Another part of Querying relations in Laravel will cover such problem:

I want to get SomeModels that have latest RelatedModel (hasMany) matching.. _SOME CONSTRAINT HERE_

Eloquent provides expressive syntax for querying relations that can be used for simple cases: SomeModel::whereHas('relatedModels', function ($q) { ... })->get(). Unfortunately it is not capable of handling the latest RelatedModel part just like that.

Let’s dive into how we can tackle this problem using 2 approaches:


  1. The easy way – using Collection methods
  2. The right way – using subqueries

Example use case: we want to get Categories with latest post (relation defined as in how to get latest related model ) having status ‘published’. Assuming Category hasMany Posts, MySQL db.

Collection methods:

where/whereLoose is shorthand method for filter. For more complex constraints use the latter:




Both ways will give us the same result, so let’s consider pros and cons now:

Collection methods:

+ very easy to use, that’s a fact
– they are very heavy on performance and can quickly become unbearably slow.

Raw subquery:

– requires a bit of sql knowledge
– lacks abstraction, requires hardcoding stuff like table names and foreign keys
+ despite subquery with another subquery it will be much faster than working with collection
+ it can be improved and abstracted in fact, so there will be no downsides *


With that in mind I encourage you to use the latter solution, unless your db isn’t going to grow much.


* improved version will be added here soon.

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